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Health care
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Our dedicated team of educators, development specialists and travel experts create unimaginable educational tours, service learning projects and incentive experiences.

Established in 1994, we operate to the highest safety and ethical professional standards to provide you with the rarest of educational tours throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

Our innovative range of community-based experiences & products highlight one or more of the following:

 Service learning projects (community projects ex education, health care, infrastructure and conservation)

 Cultural exchange activities (silk weaving, basketry, dance, song, cooking, ethnic hill tribes)

 Outdoor Education tours (trekking, rafting, climbing, caving, kayaking, elephant riding)

 Sightseeing  (meaningful travel in historical, natural & cultural significant locations)

Join our unique educational tours and create a win-win-win for all.

We believe in...
  • Win-win-win
  • Transparency
  • Inspiration

Your education adventure may take you to some of the poorest regions in Asia. It is our responsibility to provide exceptional educational tours options that alleviate poverty, respect indigenous cultures and protect local environments. In this way we create a win for you, a win for your group and a win for your host community

Transparency is the foundation of trust and successful win-win-win. We are committed to transparency in all dealings with partner communities, organizations and clients to create trust and success. In this way we ensure 100% of client donations go directly to the project. There are no management or administrative fees taken from client donations.

Inspiration can change our world. We believe our job is to help you see the world through the eyes of another. That's why we offer an innovative range of community-based experiences and development projects that place you in a uniquely experiential situations.

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Who we serve the best?
Who we serve the best?
 School trips: Schools wishing to achieve curriculum goals through service learning projects and international travel.
 University travel: Universities wishing to develop international programmes that prepare students professionally and personally.
 Corporate Incentive: Corporate conferences, events and incentives wishing out-of-the-box experiences.
 Charity Challenges: Charitable Organizations planning international fund raising challenges.
 Curious at Heart: The 'Curious at Heart' of all ages can find high-end, customized travel services with hands-on experiences not to be found anywhere else that truly make a difference in people lives.
Tanya Jones

On the bike riding: Vutha and Sokly were patient, supportive, knowledgable, considerate to everyones different needs and levels of ability. They were extremely knowledgeable and passionate tours guides, especially around the temples of Angkor. Their English was impeccable too. 

The most important attribute, however, was their never-ending happiness and kindness to everyone in the group.  I really believe they 'made' the trip the best it could be. 

- Tanya Jones -

If you want to contact testimonial writer, we are happy to connect.

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